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Are Fees Fair and Sensible or Are They Grossly Bloated and Unfair?

The debate rages on. Are concert fees a logical extension of a complicated business world or just a side-effect of gross and unfair greed? Concert fees have seemed to increase a whole lot over the years. Major companies have gotten into some trouble with the addition of fees for concert events, which has shed a pretty poor light on the whole thing. But, is this fair? Are concert fees just a little justifiable?

Concert fees have increased, but it is not the sole fault of the ticket providers. They can only take part of the blame. The most obvious is the service charge. The service charge is essentially a fee for the convenience of getting a ticket. The buyer is paying for the service of buying a ticket. This is money typically pocketed directly by the ticket provider. It is their service fee, and it is set between the ticket provider and the event providers.

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The facility charge is something the venue adds to a ticket price. The venue is receiving a fee directly for having their place used for the event. This is where fees are more questionable. The venue may get a percent of every ticket sale regardless. Is it fair to add an additional venue fee considering the fact that the venue is receiving funds for rental and use already present in every ticket sale? It questions the legitimacy of fee tickets in the first place and supports the argument that greed contributes greatly to why fees exist.

The truth is that there is a huge campaign to making any kind of fee bad, but a lot of parties are involved in setting fees. Some of them make some kind of sense, though there may be a better way to present them. This is not to say the costs are fair or should just be paid regardless.

Is there a place to get no-fee tickets? There are some companies offering alternatives to the major ticket providers. Read more on no-fee tickets here. Cheap sports tickets can be found by excluding the fees and using alternative outlets that offer fairer ticket prices for the same events.

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